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Kriti Sanon On Her Injury During The Shooting Of Raabta

For  her role in Dinesh Vijeyan’s Raabta, Kriti Sanon has learnt several new skills including underwater swimming, sword-fencing and horse-riding.

During a horse-riding stint Kriti injured herself this week.

Recalling the experience the actress, still in  a lot of pain , says, “I was horse-riding for a sequence. To canter you’ve got  to put pressure on your knees and legs to hold firm and the saddle and stirrups rub against the legs. My costume was such that my legs weren’t so covered, so I ended up with lots of bruises.”

But Kriti says she  is doing fine.“Thankfully I got the shot right in two takes. I realized I had bruised myself badly only later.”


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