Last Viceroy Postpone​d For Release During Independence Week​


Gurinder Chadha’s ambitious Partition epic The Last Viceroy about Lord Mountbatten’s final months in India just before India’s division into two countries, has

​been moved forward from​

its proposed release on March 3.

The  ambitious epic film featuring an impressive lineup of British and Indian actors including  Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson as Lord and Lady Mountbatten, and Om Puri and Neeraj Kabi as a blind freedom fighter and Mahatma Gandhi,respectively was all set for a grand release in the first week of March along with the UK.

Now we hear the  film’s release is being pushed to August ostensibly  to coincide with 70 years of India’s Independence.

With The Last Viceroy being premiered at the Berlin Film Festival on12 February ahead of its UK release on March 3, the proposed August release of the film in India seems

​like a brave decision.​

​The film may be leaked on the internet. But it’s a risk the producers are willing to take as they feel releasing a film about the end of the  British Raj and the Partition ​for Independence Day in August makes sense.”

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