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Lootera 8 years: Check Out 5 Unknown Facts!



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Lootera has completed 8 years. Here are some lesser known facts about the movie.

  1. Released  on  July 3, 2013  Lootera was  not a  boxoffice success. The tender slender  love  story between  a con-man and a  dying painter  benefited from the real-life chemistry between Ranveer Singh and  Sonakshi Sinha.
  2. Based on O’Henry’s short story The Last Leaf , Lootera took the basic heartbreaking plot premise—of a  man who convinces his dying  wife  that as long as  the tree  outside  her window will  have even a single leaf  she  won’t die—and padded it up with  a story that tended to oscillate between  the  incredible  and the  emotional. The   film ,  though not devoid  of  merit, was  finally not  convincing enough in  its  dramatic  thrusts.
  3. Shot in Dalhousie (Kashmir)  the  shooting had to be  cancelled  due to heavy  snowfall . The  producers  lost  1  crore rupees. When Kashmir was snowed under, Ranveer insisted on going alone  to Dalhousie  to check out the density of the snow. He insisted on exploring the snow-scape with the unit. He stayed outdoors in the freezing cold for one whole day and returned convinced that the  Dalhousie schedule would have to be  postponed. Sonakshi Sinha was warned just in time before she left for Dalhousie.
  4. The snowfall in 2012  Dalhousie was  the most intense in 17 years.  About 40 percent of the RanveerSonakshi romance in Lootera unfolded  in the snowfall. So there was  no getting away from the snow. The rest  was shot in Puruliya.Sonakshi  braved through the  rough outdoors. Her father Shatrughan Sinha is rightly proud  of Sonakshi’s  performance. He thinks  it’s her best to date.
  5. Ranveer Singh’s  1950s look  was supposed  to be  a fusion  of Dev Anand and  James  Dean. He looked like neither. That’s okay.  Lootera  was  nothing like what O’Henry imagined  the  story to be.
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Audience reviews
Profile imageBack in 2013 when I saw the movie. It instantly became my all time favourite. Lootera is not just a movie, it’s an experience of different emotions that we feel in our lives. Sonakshi is just remarkable. I can’t praise her enough how she made Pakhi the most beautiful character in …

Profile imageA very emotional and touchy movie. Everyone acted so well especially Sonakshi, Ranveer and the Zamindar babu. The song ‘ Sanwar loon’ and baul sangeet ‘Monta re’ is so mersmerizing and fits beautifully with the theme. At the end, Varun’s expression of regrets …

Profile imageGreatest Hindi Film of last decade along with Andhadhun & Gully Boy This is an All Time Classic. Best writing, cinematography,music & lighting. Action scenes r spectacularly shot Should have been India’s official Oscar entry,would’ve made it to the finals Atleast IMO …
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