Madhavan: “The Canadian PM Does The Most Awesome Bhangra”

Tamil-Bollywood heartthrob R Madhavan was among the selected Indian actors who were invited  to meet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Mumbai.

And Madhavan was as charmed  by Trudeau as Trudeau by the actor.

“Or so I’d  like to believe,” laughs Maddy. “Before  inviting me to meet him they had done their full homework on me. They knew I had very strong ties with Canada. I  keep going to the country.And this has been  going on from  my student days. As a student I went to a place called Stettler in a cultural exchange  programme. I spent a year there and lived  a life  of  a  complete cowboy, in hats  boots and on horses.Since then I’ve bene visiting  Canada regularly.’

 Mr Trudeau seemed fully clued into Madhavan’s Canadian  ties.

Says Madhavan, “He’s so young for a prime minister and so eager to know  more about India and Indian cinema.And he does the most awesome Bhangra.”

Apparently lots of subsidies are being offered to Indian filmmakers to shoot in Canada.

And Madhavan intends to shoot extensively in Canada.

“In India we are watching and making successes out of Holywood films in Hindi Tamil and Telugu. It’s time for  us to go global and return them their favour.”

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