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Madhavan Is Lost In Space



 It is the  time for  true heroes  to come forward on screen .After mathematician Anand Kumar it’s rocket scientistNambi Narayanan who  gave his life to space research to be  showcased in a  film.

 Tamil and Hindi  star-actor R Madhavan  is  not only playing  the legendary Nambi Naryanan  in Rocketry TheNambi Effect , he’s also directing  the  bio-pic and that too in multiple languages.

Speaking from California , Madhavan sounded as exhausted as   he sounded  exhilarated. “I’ve given three years of my life  to put together this  great man’s story. We’ve travelled to  several continents and  through several eras to preserve the authenticity  of the  storytelling. I’ve had the privilege of working with some  really  big names  from international cinema who were only too glad to be  part of a story that had  to be told.”

Shooting the  story through various  decades was  not easy.  “We couldn’t just follow the fashion trends  of  the specific eras. Scientists are  not known to be  fashion conscious. They  live in  their own world. We  had  to  make them look  credible  and at  the same time not too representative  of  the era. It  wasn’t easy. But we’ve  finally  completed the shooting. And we ‘ll soon be into post-production.”

Maddy , as he is known across  the Tamil film industry and  Bollywood, feels  the  time to tell Nambi Narayanan’s story is now. “There is  a hunger in  the  audience to know about the true heroes of our country. Nambi Narayananwas  a much-misunderstood genius who  dedicated  his life to the  country. I am proud  to have got the chance to tell his story.”

Madhavan is also happy to be  associated with a new Hindi project which is produced by  T Series. “It’s a film called Dahi Cheeni. I heard  the story  here in the US  and said yes. The film will introduce  Gulshan  Kumarji’s daughter Khushali . It’s a very interesting subject. I  am looking forward to starting the  film.”

Madhavan was one of  the first actors to cross over effortlessly from television to cinema and from  Tamil to Hindi cinema. “And now  I’m glad to see actors rejecting all boundaries and  divisions of  the visual medium. Every medium of  visual expression gets  equal prominence now. I saw that coming  long ago.”

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