Mahesh Babu’s Wax Figure From Tussaud’s To Be Flown To Hyderabad

 In an  unprecedented  move to bring  the mountain to Mohamed,  the team behind Telugu superstar  Mahesh Babu’s wax statute being installed in Singapore , will transport the life-size statue to  Hyderabad  from Singapore for one day so that Mahesh Babu can  give it his official start-off.

“And also  so that his fans and well-wishers  get a  chance to see the statue. It would be  kept for a full day at the  newly-constructed multiplex  AMB Cinema that’s co-owned  by Mahesh Babu. The date  is yet  to he  finalized but it will be somewhere  in  the last week of February. Right now, the practicalities  of flying the statute  from Singapore to  Hyderabad, are  being worked  out. Later  the statue will be flown from Singapore to Madame Tussaud’s headquarters  in London,” the source  informs.

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