Is Mahira The New Love Of Ranbir’s  Life?

 Are Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan inching towards  a romantic closeness? Or is the newly discovered  mutual affection going up in the smoke (pun intended)?

 If sources close to  Ranbir are to be believed the  actor with an insatiable yearning for romantic associations has begun to  show “more than a passing interest”  in  the  Raeesactress.The whispers of their special friendship gathered momentum when the couple was caught sharing a smoke together in New York.

Cigarettes may be injurious to the ordinary human health. But not when  you are a glamorous celebrity  couple far away from home discovering a mutual affection.

“In fact what is reported is only what the photographers have  caught. There are other meetings and  communications between them that the two have kept completely  out  of the media orbit,” says  a source  well-informed  about the development.

So  are the two a couple?

“No no, not yet. The relationship is in its incipient stage. Mahira and Ranbir have met  a number of times. They like each other’s  company….very much so. Now it remains  to be seen where  the relationship goes. They are both single at the moment. So we’re looking at a ‘vacancy’ status  in  their hearts.Let’s see where this goes,” says the source.

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