Malaal Gives Us Two Talents To Watch

The  trailer  of the Mangesh Hadawale-directed Malaal  is  out. Mangesh  helmed  an unforgettable film  called DekhCircus Dekh. It is  the finest  film of Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s career,and  a pity that it  was  never released.

 But talent,  new  or  not-so-new,  can  never be smothered for too  long .Under the spectacular stewardship of the supremely epical Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Hadawale  is back, this  time with a film on young love set in the  complex workingclass politics of Mumbai’s provincialism.

 The  trailer shows  the  two  newcomers  Sharmin Segal and Meezaan Jaaferi embroiled  in  a volatile relationship replete with verbal sparring .Set in a  Mumbai chawl, the  narrative  shows  Meezaan cast as a regional goon who softens when love  hits  him from the  outside.

“Outside”being  a spunky  girl who is non-Maharashtrian  .

In the trailer’s most amusing  dialogue she reminds the  parochial goon that she is  Indian.

“Then  go stay in India, what  are you  doing in Mumbai?” Meezaan  deadpans

Did dad Jaaved Jaaferi just chuckle?

 Sharmin  Segal shimmies into  potential  stardom  with her  freespirited  presence. She  is a livewire and she strides  with unhampered  confidence through the trailer   doing a reverse  taming-of-the-shrew with her  co-star.

While the  pair has a certain unmistakable freshness about them, the  trailer shows the film to have a certain socio-political  relevance generally denied  to  films introducing newcomers. Above all  it conveys the  emotional and  visual  grandiosity  of   a Sanjay Bhansali presentation. Bhansali  has composed some interesting folksy music  for  the two newcomers as they  dance their way into stardom  this July when Malaal  releases.

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