Manikarnika Plays It Safe, Kangana Ranaut asked To ‘Behave’

You won’t be hearing Kangana Ranaut shooting  off  her  mouth against Hrithik Roshan andKaran Johar when her  next  film, the prestigious historical Manikarnika releases in April 2018.

The makers  of Manikarnika are determined  to make all the right moves. Which ,essentially means, it won’t get into controversial aspects  of  the warrior-queen’s life.Nor will they allow their leading  lady  to go on a self-promotional spree as  she  did during the release  of her last film.

Says a  source close  to Manikarnika  team, “They all want to dissuade  Kangana  from going hammers and tongs at  her adversaries  during promotion.  Everybody knows her loose talk damaged the prospects  of  last  film Simran beyond repair. That  kind of scandalous promotion would ruin Manikarnika.”

For those who came in  late, Manikarnika directed by Telugu  director Krish is  a bio-pic on  the  Rani Of Jhansi whose  valour and nationalism  replicate Rani Padmavati’s  image.

By telling Kangana to be very discreet, the makers  of Manikarnika want to ensure she doesn’t compromise  the  dignity of  the project and  its heroine,

“Essentially, they don’t want a Padmavati  to happen  to their project. They(the  producers) may even ask her  not to promote Mankarnika at all,” says  the  source.

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