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Meet Dhairya Karwa, The Sardar Soldier From Uri Who Is Now Ravi Shastri



 It comes  as a jolting  surprise to know that the young  promising actor  from Jaipur,  Dhairya  Karwa  who  played the Sikh soldier Sartaj in  Aditya Dhar’s Uri,  is  not  a Sikh in real life.

 Says the  method actor, “No, I am not  a Sikh  in real life. I  did my prep to play  the role inUri.  I did whatever I could. I  spent  two weeks  living in a Gurdwara, learnt  about the way the Sikhs live,  walk, talk, eat, their tenets  and  beliefs. For  me  a character  ,  a role is an opportunity  to  get to expand the bandwidth of my  personality, to get to know other people, cultures  and communities.”

 Now Uri’s Sartaj will play  well-known cricketer Ravi  Shastri in Kabir Khan  ‘83  the  film about India’s  victory in  the 1983 World Cup.

And  Dhairya is as  charged-up about playing the cricketer as  he  was  about playing the soldier.

Says Dhairya, “I have  been prepping for  my cricketer’s  role  for some time now.I’ve played cricket  in school. But that’s obviously  not  enough,” says this  passionate famished actor  who has had no formal training.  “I was  preparing  for  a MBA  degree when the  acting bug  hit me.  So I kept the  MBA  on hold  and  moved to Mumbai to pursue  my  dream.I only did  a  10-day acting workshop when  I first moved  to Mumbai  in  2016.After that I am completely self-trained, auditioning,  recording my  own videos , learning  on  my own.”

Dhairya  would soon be meeting Ravi Shastri. “It is  the logical and right thing to do. I hope he  approves  of  the actor who’s playing him.”

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