#MeToo Movement: Ali Zafar Accused, Bollywood Gives Him A  Clean Chit

With Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi  accusing  fellow-musician Ali Zafar  of sexual harassment the Harvey Weinstein syndrome that shook the American entertainment  industry last year, has reached the Asian shores.  It’s only a  matter of time before the sexual predators and  pedophiles ofBollywood(yes, there are  those too) are exposed.

As  far as singer Ali Zafar is  concerned, Bollywood where he has worked in quite  a few films , has no reason to complain. One  of  the top Bollywoodleading ladies with whom Ali has worked , gives  him a  clean  chit.  “He was always impeccably behaved. There was  never a whiff of  any untoward behaviour.He was punctual, professional, polite, almost aloof.Never tried to  act familiar.But then that’s my experience. The narrative might be completely different in  another content.”

The  last Bollywood that Ali Zafar worked in  was Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi. Everyone associated with that film vouches  for Ali’s  professionalism and  decency.

The narrative is  indeed different  for Ali across the border .Meesha Shafi’s  allegations have hit hard .

I tried to  contact his colleagues  from the entertainment industry in Pakistan. There was mostly a silence. Only one actor spoke on  condition  of anonymity. “Main kya bolu?He’s a well-behaved cultured  boy . And seems happily married with two children.This(allegations) will definitely affect  his popularity .Hopefully it won’t damage his family life.”

Unless more women come forward with allegations  against Ali.

Has  the  MeToo  movement started in Pakistan? If it has, how  long would it be before actresses start naming and  shaming the sexual offenders  ofBollywood?

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