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Multiplexes In India To Screen Round-the-Clock Shows If Avengers…Trade Analysts React



 The decision to  let multiplex chains in India screen The Avengers Endgame  round-the-clock has been received  by  the  film trade with  mixed emotions. While some  have welcomed  the  move , others  are not so sure  it would yield a productive  atmosphere in  the movie trade.

Trade  guru Taran Adarsh  feels round-the-clock screening will generate big boxoffice returns. “Talking strictly from the business point of view, round the clock shows for an event film will only result in massive numbers. In South, we hear of early shows running to packed houses, but it’s restricted to a few stars there. The fact that it’s happening for a Hollywood movie indicates that the hype is unparalleled. If it works here, I am sure, it will soon become a practice when an event film releases.”

Trade analyst Amod Mehra disagrees with Taran Adarsh. “This will set a bad trend and could snowball into a law-and-order issue. All films are not hits .If,say,Kalank was released similarly and the film bombs,  the losses would not only magnify but also the shelf life of the film would further reduce.”

On  the other hand trade expert  Girish Johar feels upbeat  about  the  move. “It’s really fabulous… it is like opening new doors.The  craze for Avengers is unprecedented at the BOX-OFFICE. It’s going to be MAYHEM globally . It will  take  a huge start even though  it’s opening on  a non-holiday .New records will be set.All Bollywood  producers are  running scared, no releases in competition. Reviews already  trickling in  are superb and are adding fuel to the wild fire.”

Boxoffice  analyst Atul Mohan too  feels upbeat about  round-the-clock screenings   of The Avengers. “The  round-the-clock concept is VERY EXCITING to me.It would be lapped up instantly.Who would like to miss being part of this  once-in-a-lifetime experience.As per trends we see 3 am show full.But this applies to HUGE film like Avengersonly and will not work with any other film unless it’s as big as Avengers. So those who missed out getting tickets have an exciting chance here and those who have already booked the tickets would definitely look to be part of this experience and may watch the film twice.”

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