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Muslim Reference To Holi Asked To Be Changed In Begum Jaan



The CBFC seems to feel the same way  as those who recently protested against a Muslim girl singing  Bhajan on a singing reality show.

In Srijit Mukherjee’s Begum Jaan which opens on 14 April the line “Allah kehke Bismillah. Naam Nabi Ka Holi” has been asked to be replaced by “Tan se khele ang rang daala Brij ki har bala”, the rationale  for the switchover being …religious sentiments.

Apparently we can’t have the name of the mighty Allah being referenced to Holi.

A  source  close to the development explains, “Cross-religious references are all very well and a sign of liberal India. But  we can never be sure of how how the not-so-liberal India would react to this.”

For more politics of pacification a reference to a dargaah(religious place) has been changed by the CBFC to a saraai(inn) in Begum Jaan.

“We can’t take any risks with religious sentiments,” says a a CBFCsource.

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