Nagarjuna Does A Munnabhai

After Ram Gopal Varma’s Officer which opens next week, Nagarjuna is already on to his next project a big light-hearted comedy with which the veteran star says he enters Munnabhai territory.

“This new film that I am doing with Nani is very much in the Raj Kumar Hirani territory. I play a gangster and Nani plays my doctor. It is a very warmhearted funny script. And I’ve got a feeling director Sriram Aditya will make something special out of it,” says Nag who has no problems doing two-hero films with younger actors.

“I’ve never in my career felt threatened by the presence of any other actor. Earlier I was mostly doing solo-hero films In Telugu because that was what was offered to me. Recently these two-hero projects have come which I enjoy doing. I enjoyed working with Karthi in Oopiri. I am sure working with Nani will be a lot of fun,” says Nag who looks forward to working with his sons Naga Chaitanya and Akhil.

Recently there was an announcement that Nagarjuna would be working with Priyadarshan in a biopic Makkar the  Lion Of The Arabian Sea, based on the exploits of the 16th-century naval explorer Kunjali Marakkar 4.

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However, Nag dismisses these reports as premature.  “I was approached but I need to hear the script before I say yes. I will be hearing it at the end of June. At the moment I am only doing the film with Nani.”

Nag feels no pressure at this stage to work non-stop. “I’ve to be happy with the work I am doing. And to be happy the role has to be challenging. And for the role to be challenging it has to be something I haven’t done before.”

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