Namrata Shirodkar,“Sitara Is A full-On Star”

Mahesh Babu and his wife  Namrata Shirodkar’s 7-year old daughter   Sitara is breaking the internet with her dance performance to her father’s song Paala pitta from  the film  Maharshi.

Proud  mother  Namrata just can’t stop smiling.  “She is  quite the star, though it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to be an actress when she grows up. At  her age thereare  so many things she wants to be all at once.Right now her favourite star is the YouTuber Leah Ashe. Sitara  just idolizes this girl whom we  know nothing about. Sitara wants to be exactly like  her.It’s Leah this and Leah that.”

 So is Sitara Mama’s  or  Papa’s girl?  “Totally Papa’s girl and he bullies her  big brother  like no one’s   business.  Our son Gautam is  just her opposite. Quiet, shy,withdrawn  and like his father, not demonstrative of his affections. This one(Sitara) is a  full-on Drama Queen. She  loves to sing and dance and  show the world how good she is at  it.”

 Namrata and Mahesh have made  no plans for their  children as  yet. 

Says  Namrata,“They are free to pursue whatever  course in life they  want. But for now, I am trying to provide them a normal healthy life free  of  starry  trappings. It is very important  for  Gautam and Sitara to lead a normal life. Thank  God we don’t have the paparazzi chasing down star-kids in Hyderabad. The  important thing right now is  for both my children to get  a solid education. After that if they want to be in movies , why not? Their parents are  actors.  Their grandfather is  an iconic  figure in  the Andhra  movie industry.Cinema  is part of their genes.”
 Coming back to Sitara’s popular internet-breaking  dance number her proud mother says  the  pretty little  girl   practised hard for it. “Both Gautam and Sitara  attend dance classes  regularly. Sitara bullied her way into her brother’s dance  time by  telling  their  dance teacher how important it was to learn these dance steps. I tell you, this girl can get her way  in anything while Gautam  would just let everyone  around him have  their way.”

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