New flash: PM Bio-Pic On Hold After Parrikar’s Death

 The  sudden, thought not  unexpected,  death of Goa’s ailing chief minister Manohar Parrikar  has  braked  all  activities  related to the  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bio-pic.

The film directed by Omung Kumar, is to release  on  April  12. The poster  was be released by  Shri Amit Shah at his  office in Delhi on March 18.And  the film’s core team  including  director Omung Kumar and leading man Vivek Oberoi  were  all set to fly to Delhi when the  nation went into mourning after Parrikar’s death.

“We’ve now postponed  both the poster launch in Delhi and the trailer launch  in Mumbai  in  deference  to  ManoharParrikarji’s death which has left  the  country shaken,” says a source close to the  PM’s bio-pic.

Apparently  the  instruction to postpone all   activity connected  with the  bio-pic came from  the PM’s office.

 There are rumours about the election code being  transgressed  by the film’s release  in the midst  of the Lok Sabha elections.

“But  our decision to release  the film on  April 12  was based  strictly on   a  boxoffice evaluation.  It had nothing  to do with  politics.April 12  is  the only Friday we had when we could  release  our film without opposition.  Five days  later  Karan  Johar’s Kalank releases  and  our  film faces a big threat,” says  the source close  to the  bipic.

Regarding  the   alleged transgression  of  the election code ,  the informed  source makes a revelation  about  the  bio-pic.

“Our film is not  about Narendra Modi , the  Prime  Minister. It is about Narendra Modi,  the Chief Minister  of Gujarat. So theLok Sabha elections don’t even come  in  the  film’s range  of  discussion,” says  the source.

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