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Newsbreak: Indian Films To Be Banned In Pakistan Until Kashmir Issue Resolved?



Is Pakistan  all set to ban Indian  films? The pretext and certainly not the context , being the Kashmir issue.

According to reports coming in from Pakistan, a petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court by a lawyer Ishtiaq Chaudhary seeking to ban the exhibition of all Indian films until the Kashmir issue is resolved.

 While stunned Bollywood  denizens refused to comment until they could figure out the connection between the Kashmir issue and screening of Bollywood  in Pakistan a very senior and prolific filmmaker said on condition of anonymity , “If they ban Bollywood  films from Pakistan,what will they show in movie theatres of the country? They have practically zero film production .Also,what about the Pakistani artistes who have made a career in India? Ban them from entering Bollywood ?”

A prominent filmmaker from Pakistan proclaimed  the proposed ban as  preposterous. “Such a  move will  only encourage piracy of Bollywood  films. My advice to all governments is to leave politics out of art and culture.”

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