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No Arnab Please, We Are  Bollywood!



After Barkha Dutta, it’s Arnab Gowsami whose name has been axed from a Hindi film.

Arnab’s name has been asked to be removed from the new Akshay Kumar starrer Toilet:  Ek Prem  Katha.

Earlier Sonakshi Sinha was not allowed to use Barkha Dutta’s name although she played a fan.

This time the reason for removing superstar-newsanchor’s name is even more inexplicable.

Says  a  source from film’s crew, “It was  just a random reference to ‘Arnab’ , not even his full name. But we were asked to remove it. The explanation given  was,we can’t use names of real-life people without their consent. But didn’t Barkha Dutta say she had no objection to her name being used in Noor?They still cut her mention out,”

Incidentally Akshay Kumar and Arnab Gowami are friends. The other day Arnab invited Akshay into his news studio to talk about the Varnika stalking case and women’s empowerment.During the conversation Arnab actually allowed Akshay to speak while he listened with a smile.

This was exceptional attentiveness from an anchor notorious for  interrupting interviewees.

When asked about his name being removed by the censor board Arnab Goswami responded, “I don’t understand why the CBFC should have any objection to my  name being used in a film. Even if it was used negatively, which  you tell me it has not, it’s up to me to object or not object. I  think Mr Pahlaj Nihalani has no business deciding on my behalf.”

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