No Boarding School Plans For The Bachchan Princess

Hands-down the favourite Bachchan in  the  Bachchan  household is little Aaradhya who turned a grand 7 this week  . But she actually behaves like someone  much older and wiser.

Says  a close friend  of  the family,  “Aaradhya has the  inquisitive  mind of a scientist and the  calm sensitive temperament of an artiste. At 7, she has  the wisdom, etiquette  and decorum  of  someone  much older.”

Says  doting father Abhishek, “She  is  quite  a little lady. At the same time there is a  huge quotient of mischief  in her.”

The credit for Aaradhya’s sensible balanced  upbringing goes  to her  mother Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who spends every single minute that she has away from her  professional commitments with her daughter.

Every day dropping Aaradhya to school and then picking her up again is a routine that remains.

A friend of the actress told me, “Unlike the  other star kids Aaradhya is  not being brought  up by her nanny.  Most of the  actresses grab for their  children  only when the camera is around. Aishwarya’s world revolves around her. Everything comes after Aaradhya and no sacrifice is  too big for  her  angel.While  other star-kids are being packed  off  to boarding school,Aaradhya isn’t going anywhere.”

Aishwarya once told me, “Picking up my daughter from school,being with her  every minute that I can, all this comes very naturally to me. No effort required. This is how my mother  was with us(Aishwarya and her brother). When  a working woman  decides to have a  child she must be fully prepared to  give  the child the attention it needs.”

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