“No conflict Of Interest Over Vishwaroopam For Prasoon Joshi“

Prasoon Joshi

There are  loud whispers  in the corridors of  the film industry about the CBFC chairperson Prasoon Joshi being the  lyricist of Vishwaroopam 2  struggling to keep a  balance between his  duties as the  CBFC  and lyricist.

A  prominent member of the CBFC dismisses these  whispers as  hogwash.  “There  is  no clash of interest.When  Vishwaroopam2 came up for consideration Prasoonji was  very firm on his  moral ground. He didn’t sit on the jury at all  when the  film came up for consideration.That is the rule. If  a film involves  a jury member  in  any way  he or she stays away from the certification process. It is as simple as that.When  Vidya Balan who is  on the CBFC’s  jury for the Examining Committee had a release recently(TumhariSullu) she simply stayed away during certification.Prasoon Joshi has in no way compromised the office of the  CBFC chairperson.”

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