“There Are  No Cuts Only 5 Modifications,” A CBFC Source On Padmavati


Hours after the CBFC’s  decision to certify Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati with a ‘UA’ subject , wild rumours of ‘26’ cuts ordered  by  the  censor board,have begun doing the  rounds.

 However  a well-placed source  confirm there are no cuts ordered  by the CBFC.

Padmavati was viewed by regular panel members  of the board, and  invitee historians. They all thought the  film’s main content was inviolable  and  legitimate. So  no cuts per se have been  ordered. However the CBFC has suggested  5 modifications, two of them featuring Deepika Padukone performing the traditional Rajasthanicustom of  ghoomar and  jauhar.”

 The CBFC wants the Ghoomar dance  to undergo minor changes. Apparently the flashes of Deepika’s belly and naval region  during the dance are seen to be  not befitting the status  of the warrior queen that she plays.

 The climactic jauhar sequence where  the Rani and  hundreds of her followers jump into a burning pyre  to escape the  lust of the invader,  has been asked to be toned down.

“There are vivid startling scenes  of women perishing in the fire. Though visually stunning they  leave a disturbing impact.They’ve asked for some shots to be altered,” says a  source.

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