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No National Anthem In Movie Screenings? 

National Anthem In Movie Screenings

 BJP’s Spokesperson Shaina C  and BJP’s Most Vocal Person Shatrughan Sinha  Battle It Out

Shaina NC:  “If for 30 seconds we all stand up and pay our respects to our country by  listening attentively to the national anthem, I fail to understand  how this takes away from our  freedom. We have all the rest of  the day to do whatever we like. Why should anyone object to devoting such a small fraction of  their time  to showing respect to one’s country?”

Shatrughan Sinha: “I love the idea of  the entire collective  gathering paying its respect to the National Anthem. But is there any need  for nationalism to be imposed  on us in this way? I don’t think making the national anthem compulsory at  movie theatres serves the purpose of fostering a national pride. If one doesn’t stand up for the national anthem  it doesn’t have to mean disrespect  for  the country. Likewise just because everyone is compelled to stand up for the national anthem it doesn’t mean they all have equal respect for national sentiments.Love for one’s country and pride for the anthem cannot be imposed. It comes naturally  to all of us.Movie audiences are  in a different  frame of  mind. They are casual relaxed in a timepass mood. ”

Naseeruddin Shah: “I have  no idea why  the audience should  be feeling patriotic  while watching a film  like Golmaal!”

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