“No One Can Stop Sarkar 3 From Releasing,”   Says Ram Gopal Varma


Ram Gopal Varma who is gearing up for the release of his big Hindi crime-politics dramaSarkar 3 on May 12, has encountered a stumbling block

A veteran in the Bollywood Entertainment industry and holder of the copyrights of over 1300 movies, Narendra & Co has filed a legal case against the makers of Amitabh Bachchanstarrer ‘Sarkar 3’. Narendra Hirawat & Co acquired the copyrights of Sarkar franchise after the release of the second part and is in possession of Prequel, Sequel, Remake and all other irreversible world negative rights in perpetuity. “We are extremely disappointed with this move from the Producers of Sarkar 3. As a cautionary step, we even issued a notice to the makers in October 2016, but they have still failed to obtain permission from us for the release of the movie.  We have bought all the legal rights of Sarkar franchise years ago and are left with no other option than to approach the high court. Looking at the current situation, we are hopeful that the court will grant injunction and subsequently stop the release of Sarkar 3”, said Mr. Shreyans Hirawat, Executive Head of Narendra Hirawat & Co.

But Ramu is unfazed. “We are going ahead with the release of  Sarkaar 3 on May 12 . No one can stop us legally or otherwise. This eleventh-hour litigation is  nothing new to me. They happen to almost every film of mine, and  I am sure other filmmakers have to go through this process. Last-minute legal hurdles are something we’ve learnt to  live with.I remember how Fox Star was foxed when some guy had filed a case against the release of the big Hollywood film Independence Day  in India claiming he had  written the script.The courts have no choice but to seriously entertain any complaint, no matter how improbable.”


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