No One Happier Than Saif-Kareena After Zain’s Picture

 Shahid  Kapoor and his wife Mira have  put out the first picture of their baby-boy Zain on the social media. While the drooling fans are  over the moon, no one  is happier about  the birth of a  new little star on Instagram than the parents of Taimur Ali Khan.

“The focus of  interest is likely to  shift to little Zain Kapoor now. Taimur who had become the best-selling photo-star  of  the paparazzi  is most likely to now find some  respite  from the constant media attention that was showered unnecessarily on the 1-year old Taimur. In fact Saif and Kareena  were alarmed  at  how comfortable Taimur had  grown with the paparazzi. So familiar had he  gotten with the  cameras  that when he saw them he waved at them and even called some  of  the photojournalists  out by name,” says a  close friend  of  Saif-Kareena.

 There was a report(false, as  it turned out to be) that Saif and Kareena  would be appealing to  the paparazzi to not snap Taimur’s photographs. Saif had to clarify that he was not making any  such appeal.

Now along comes along the   diversion in  the form of little Zain.And Saif-Kareena  can breathe a sigh  of relief, just as ShahRukh Khan and  his wife Gauri had done when Taimur deflected the paparazzi’s attention from their little son AbRam.

Now soon enough Zain’s parents  too would be hoping that another star-kid would be  born soon.Perhaps Ranveer andDeepika would oblige?

Interestingly  the entertainment  paparazzi in Mumbai seems  interested only in the male star-kids. Aishwarya-Abhishek’s Aaraadhya,  Shahid-Mira’s  Misha and Lara –Bhupati’s daughter have been mercifully spared the same attention that AbRamand Taimur were subjected to.

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