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No Priyanka In Aetraaz 2, No ‘No’ To Bhansali From SRK



Sadly in the hunger  for  news the entertainment media is swallowing  every bone in the mistaken  hope of finding some meat. This week there were two absurd reports which no one swallowed. One suggested that Shah Rukh Khan has turned down  two roles offered by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Firstly, our actors should know it is extremely bad manners to talk about turning down roles. Nowhere  else in the world do actors and their overzealous PR machinery speak  on roles that an actor  turns down. Secondly , which are these two films that Bhansali is making to offer them to Mr Khan? He hasn’t even begun planning his  next. Thirdly at this juncture in his career when the projects that he’s choosing are letting him down, why would Mr Khan turn down Bhansali?

Even more ludicrous  are reports that Priyanka Chopra is likely to do a sequel to Aetraaz. So says producer Subhash Ghai. IsPriyanka Chopra mad to return to the  role of the female predator who crawls and slobbers all over her employee Akshay Kumar. In this era of Harvey Weinstien the last role Priyanka  Chopra would play is that  of a sexual predator.

Stars want to be politically correct  in their postures  both  off and on screen. But for that to happen they first need to look at their own lives and rectify the anomalies and  contradictions. So please don’t give interviews after downing a few pegs  in the evening and then deny your quotes when you see them staring at  you the next morning.

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