No Queue To Break, No Snub: Padmavati Team Refutes Claims Of Demanding ​CBFC  Priority

There were reports  on Monday claiming that the CBFC has refused  to  give preferential treatment to Padmavati for censor certification.But sources from the Padmavati team  want to know when they’ve asked for or got preferential treatment   from the CBFC.

“We  submitted the film as soon as  it was ready.We were suddenly told there is a  68-day period needed   for film certification. We didn’t ask for the  queue  be broken then. We are  not asking for it now.We were then told there was a technical error in our opening credits.Fair enough. We  accept with humility every  rule  that  the  CBFC  throws at  our  film. We are not asking for any preferential treatment,” says  the source  from Padmavati.

In  the meanwhile the  rule for a  68-day hiatus between submission  and  certification has been relaxed. Now  films that have already announced their release date will according to CBFC sources,  stand in a separate  queue from those that have  not announced  a release date.

Kapil Shama starrer Firangi which was pending certification has been  “instructed” clearance  .

Says a producer who’s a victim of the  fluctuating guidelines at the  CBFC, “They’re clueless about what to do.The Hindi Tamil and Telugu versions  of  Justice League were denied certification  on the date of release because of the newly-implemented  68-day period for certification. .”

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