No, Sachiin Joshi Has Not Re-Named Vijay Mallya’s Goan Villa

Goa’s iconic Kingfisher Villa  is now in possession of  entrepreneur-actor Sachiin Joshi.

Ironically, Sachiin visited the  property a day before the Villa’s previous owner Vijay Mallya was arrested.

About Mallya’s arrest and bail within three hours Sachiin comments, “The fact that he finally got arrested showed the power of the Indian government.  The fact that he got bail within a few hours shows how powerful he remains.”

Says Sachiin, “My team took possession of the property a week earlier. I visited it  for the first time this week  since I took ownership. It’s a property I’ve liked since I was a child. So  yes, owning it makes me happy.”

Sachiin is not the least shaken  by the ghosts of the previous owner’s alleged misdeeds.

Says the new  owner of Kingfisher Villa, “Everything moves ahead with time. The property is no longer owned by  its previous owner. It is now mine. The earlier legacy won’t be carried forward. A new legacy dedicated to me and my family will now be written into the property. Nothing that has my money and emotions attached to it can ever be haunted by the ghosts of the past.”

Sachiin laughs  at reports that he  plans to rename the villa and get it re-designed by Gauri Khan. “It hasn’t even been a few days since visited the property. I wish I was  Superman to think of all this so quickly and implement it too. Renovation , etc will take time.  I haven’t thought of the re-design let alone a designer. As for a new name for the villa , I’ve multiple thoughts on this.The moment I think of a new name for the property I’ll let you know.As of now it’s a villa owned by Sachiin Joshi. Beyond that it’s too early to decide anything.All that comes out in the media is mere speculation.”



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