No Singing, Dancing For Ranveer Singh, No Bi-Sexuality In Padmavati

Reports  in a  section of the media  that Ranveer Singh will feature in a song and dance sequence in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati are absolutely false and  misleading.

The character of Allauddin  Khilji is  hardly prone to  sing and dance.

“In fact he is shown to be quite in opposition to music and singing. Ranveer gets to do no singing, dancing or romancing, not even with his screen wife Aditi Rao with whom he is shown to be quite brutal and abrupt. So no  question of singing and dancing at all,” says a  source close to the project.

In fact there was much criticism about Ranveer Singh’s Bajirao  singing and dancing in Bhansali’s BajiraoMastani in the warrior song Malhari with Maharashtrians including the  very vocal  Nana Patekar openly condemning the artistic liberty taken with the  historical figure.

 No such dramatic freedom will be afforded in  Padmavati.

Says a source, “Ranveer won’t sing or dance, But yes, Bhansali is shooting a lavish celebration song where Ranveer will feature as a spectator. The dancing and singing will be done  by others.”

Also there has been much speculation on Ranveer’s Allauddin Khilji being a  bisexual in Padmavati.

 But no such sexual libertinage is afforded to Ranveer’s character in Padmavati.

“He is  not portrayed as bi-sexual in Padmavati, whatever the man’s sexual preferences may have been in  real,” says an informed source.

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