Not Such A Happy Birthday For Kapil Sharma(And No, No Birthday Greeting From Sunil Grover)

 On Sunday when Kapil Sharma turned 36, he must be wondering where he went wrong to have such a wretched birthday. Fallen Star,falling ratings, fall from  grace….

This has got to be the worst birthday of Kapil’s life. This weekend while his show’s rating dipped to the lowest ever, Kapil’s former comrade in comicality Sunil Grover’s live gig in Delhi turned out to be a blockbuster.

On Saturday night Grover, unsure of his future after his “clean break” with Kapil and his show, got a loud and clear thumbs-up from his fans during a rousing concert where Grover went live with his MashoorGulati and Rinku Bhabhi acts from The Kapil Sharma Show.

According to a member of the audience, “Sunil Grover was a  hit with the audience from the word go.He was in-control and stress-free. The theatre was jampacked.I don’t think there would’ve been so many people to see him if the controversies with Kapil Sharma had not  happened. Fans are clearly rooting for Grover in this battle.”

Grover pointedly and consciously avoided any reference to Kapil on stage. There were over-enthusiastic spectators  shouting out KapilSharma’s name

Sunil Grover ignored them with a smile. Clearly, no one was going to steal the enormity of the evening from the entertainer.

And no, he hasn’t sent birthday wishes to  Kapil either.

“As far as  Sunil is concerned, he has already reached a closure withKapil Sharma and his show. The ratification he got from the live audience in Delhi this weekend only reiterates Sunil’s determination to  move on,” says a  friend of Sunil’s.

So is this the most wretched birthday of Kapil’s life?

A colleague from The Kapil Sharma Show says Kapil has brought this on himself. “We would take his violent outbursts quietly. This timeSunil decided he didn’t want to be silent. There is no difference between keeping quiet when Arunabh Kumar behaves badly and whenKapil does the same. Just because women are involved in one doesn’t make the other any less undesirable.Kapil is putting up a  brave face. But he’s badly shaken by recent developments. He never expected thatSunil and his other associates from the show would move out no matter how  badly he behaved with them.And even if they did move out, Kapil never thought his show would suffer  for the want of what he thought was a supporting cast .He thought he was the main course. The others were the salad dressing.”

But there is hope and this need not be Kapil’s bleakest birthday to date. In the coming week mutual friends of Kapil and Sunil plan to bring them together for a face-to-face. Who knows what may happen thereafter?

So Kapil, smile. The current setback may only be  a warning for you to put that bottle away and take  a  hold of yourself. And remember, the show doesn’t always go on. Not when you start thinking it goes on  because of one individual.

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