Not My Own Tweet: Rishi Kapoor Admits The Tweet That’s Currently Causing A Stir Is Not His Own


Rishi Kapoor and Twitter are inseparable allies. And some of the wittiest most influential tweets from an Indian celebrity have come from  this irrepressible actor.

Rishi Kapoor currently rules Twitter with  his tweet showing a sale of a leading women’s clothes’ brand’s ripped collection with the caption, ‘Buy two get one begging bowl free.’

The tweet has triggered off a nationwide debate on the dos and don’ts and the fashion potential  of ripped clothes .

However the ever-forthright Rishi Kapoor drops a bomb by admitting the much-retweeted and quoted tweet is not his.

Says Rishi, “That was not my tweet. I just forwarded it. I am being given credit for it for  no reason.The truth is someone sent that tweet to me. But yes, it seems to have become popular because of my name.”

Trust Rishi Kapoor to be honest even when it comes to denying credit for applause.

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