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On Father’s Day, watch these films to bask in paternal warmth



Hamid: This 2019 Yoodlee production is a moving story about what happens when a loving father and husband goes missing. How can a young child make sense of his absence? How can he find solace in a world that has denied him the protection and warmth of a father figure? Will fate intervene? How will he help heal his grieving mother? This Aijaz Khan directorial starring the luminous Rasika Duggal, Vikas Kumar and young Talha Arshad Reshi in a national award-winning role is a stirring adaptation of the play ‘Phone No. 786’ by Mohd. Amin Bhat. Its heartbreaking and yet uplifting narrative reminds us of the unaddressed pain of bereaved children when tragedy deprives them of the sheltering presence of a father figure.

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