One of the Memorable Interview of Sridevi!


Sridevi’s  sudden death shocked Bollywood and legions of her followers who reached outside her Mumbai house. here is one of the most memorable interview of Sridevi…

Interviewing Sridevi is never easy for me. As an ardent fan my voice trembles and my questions collapse in her august presence.She laughs and tells me to calm down while her husband Boney Kapoor(whom all Sri’s male  fans abhor) laughs at my discomfort. This time Sriji(as I call her) is relaxed, and she tells me to relax as well.She also tell me  to call her ‘Sridevi’ since that is her name. Having gotten over the casual grace that she exudes effortlessly  I shoot my first question….

Sriji, at this juncture of your life and career  a film has to be really special for you to do it…Right?

Absolutely.And Mom is that special to tempt me to go back to the studios.

Yes, I was wondering you’d want to leave your domestic paradise for the hot sticky studios?

I don’t mind the heat or the hard work in the studios at all, as long as the film is worth it.I’ve been doing it since the age of 4. I’ve spent more of my growing up years in the studios  of Rajahmundry than doing what other girls that age enjoy doing.If I didn’t love the studios I’d have given up by now. I don’t need to work any more.

I wonder how you managed to be so enthusiastic about the South films you did in the 1980s by K Bappiah and T Rama Rao?

(laughs) I can’t say. I believe  in giving my best to whatever I do. Of course during those times the style of acting dressing and even walking and talking was different.

What do your daughters think about your old films?

They haven’t seen much of my old work. Once in while  they catch a glimpse of me on television.And they really like me in my old films. Jahnvi and Khushi know that those times and the fashion during those times were different. Even in those films that you are  referring to I made sure my clothes and makeup were  a little more subtle than  what was in fashion.

Today you’ve evolved into a stunning ageless woman. What is the secret of your youthful looks?

Well, you know, it is not just about eating and exercizing properly. It’s about being happy from within. I’ve always believed that your state of mind determines how you look.That’s why I choose to be happy from within. Agar aap andar se khush nahin ho to kitna bhi makeup laga lo gym chale jao woh dukh nazar aayega(if you are not happy from within no amount of makup and gyming can help).

Having said that, what is your daily routine?

I  lead a very very disciplined life . In fact my husband Boneyji sometimes pulls my leg saying , ‘Tu toh sadhu hai’.

Boney tells me he eats enough for both of you?

(laughs) Ignore him. He  is just joking. In fact when we go out for dinner he orders for me because he  knows exactly I will eat.

Don’t you cheat eat at all?

Oh, I do. Sometimes  both Boneyji and I go crazy over icecream, caramel custard and tiramisu.We both  have a sweet tooth.Of course I indulge myself sometimes…One has to. Otherwise one will go mad. But the next day I balance it out with extra exercize. I also burn it out for him.

I heard Boney telling you to say that

(laughs uproariously) Yes,he wants the world to know I control his diet.

You’ve two lovely daughters who look like your siblings?

That’s because we behave like siblings. We enjoy doing a lot of things together. Right now when I’m travelling all over to promote Mom I get calls from my daughters asking, ‘Where are you? When are you coming home?’  It feels nice to have them feel so close to my in their teens when they’ve a life of their own. Their dependence on  me makes me happy.

You’re travelling for promotions…Do you resent being kept away from home?

I am in constant touch with home on phone.The promotion is a very important part of my profession. I have to do it. It wasn’t like that in the 1980s and 90s.We did two print interviews with cover pictures and that was all the promotion that was needed. But I am enjoying travelling with Boneyji. We are eating food in different cities while promoting the film.That dialogue in Dabangg Pyar se darr lagta hai thappad se nahin….LikewiseMujhe film karne se darr bahin lagta, promotion se dar lagta hai.


It isn’t so bad , really, just monotonous. It gets tiring to say the same thing over and over again during promotion.  But I still enjoy it.

Sajal Ali  who played your daughter in Mom  became very attached to you?

Yes absolutely. We were close from the start. Then during the schedule in Georgia Sajal and my two daughters  and I bonded beautifully. Sajal’s  mother’s death shattered her. It is very very unfortunate she isn’t there now to see her daughter’s film. But Sajal is like my third  child.Now I feel I’ve one more daughter.

You never used to bond with your co-stars the way you did with Sajal?

It isn’t that. I actually had a good rapport with all my co-stars whomI worked with.

Are  you now opening up with your co-actors?

Aisa kuch nahin hai. I am the same.

Akshay Khanna has said you take the concept of reclusiveness to another level. Do you agree?

Look, Mom  is not the kind of film where I could sit and joke around with my co-stars. It isn’t  a comedy or love story where I could be constantly talking. Mom is a very intense drama.I wanted to be in that kind of a frame of mind where I felt isolated from others.It wasn’t a conscious decision on my part to be  aloof during Mom.  It was just the way my character had to be.  It was our director Ravi Udyawar who did all the talking on this one.

Nawazuddin thinks you are the best actor in the world?

Coming from him, that’s a  huge compliment. I am overwhelmed . I am a huge admirer of Nawaz. I love all his characters in Badlapur, Gangs Of Wasseypur, Raman Raghav…And Sajal Ali will surprise  everybody.Akshaye Khanna also. Such a  strong performer. He doesn’t have to  do  anything. He just has to stand in a frame and the audience won’t look at anybody.

 Sorry, which audience are you  talking about? The one I know can’t look at anobody else when you are in the frame?

(laughs). In that case you see Mom once for me  and then again for the other actors.

We had to  wait three years after English Vinglish to see you in Mom.Why?

After English Vinglish I was under no compulsion to do another film. Momgrabbed my attention. I know it will be compared with English Vinglish. That film made such an impact.Everybody  from children to old people  identified with my  character. I don’t know how much of an impact Mom would make. But as an actor it really satisfied me. I am lucky to have worked with Gauri Shinde in English Vinglish and now Ravi Udyawar in Mom. He is so passionate about his work. He made everbody’s job easier.

 You make everybody’s job easier?

Aisa kuch nahin hai.

Do I have to wait three years again after Mom to see you back?

No no  no. This time I will be back much sooner. In  fact I am already closing another project.

That whole controversy  about you turning down Baahubali?

Once and for all, there’s nothing to  talk about. It’s over and done  with. I have turned down so many roles in the past. It isn’t nice to talk about the films that you don’t do.

How did you end up doing that awful Puli after English Vinglish. Kaise hua?

(laughs) Ho gaya.

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