Onir, Apurva Asrani On The Supreme Court’s Decision To Reconsider Article 377

Onir “It’s heartening that finally after four years the Chief Justice Deepak Mishra recognised the inherent flaw where the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution to every citizen irrespective of gender or sexuality is denied to the LGBTQ community.The honourable court last year had recognised the personal law andrecognises that the right to love between two consenting adults is a fundamental human rights. Denying this to the community subjects it to various form of social discrimination as destroys lives.This move is heartening and I hope we as a nation join the increasing number of countries that recognises this as a human right.I’m very hopeful this time. Chief Justice Deepak Mishra has given a very strong statement.”

Apurva Asrani: “The 2013 judgment was a huge miscarriage of justice. It put us really low on the human rights index and we joined the likes of Saudi Arabia in persecuting homosexuals. The Supreme Court seems to want to undo this blemish on their otherwise-respectable record. I have faith that justice will be served. ”

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