Padmaavat Shown To Karni Sena , Agitation Ends

The solution to the current imbroglio that has overtaken Padmaavat has been found.

Members of The Karni Sena watched the film on Tuesday evening and gave it a clean chit.

In what was clearly a face-saving device the Krani Sena claimed that the film’s makers had made all the changes required by the Sena.

 However a  member  of  the Padmavati team has another story to tell.

“No changes were made. The Karni Sena saw exactly what  Sanjay  Bhansali had shot. Nothing more nothing less.When they  realized there was nothing objectionable they  decided to back off pretending that the changes had been made.”

Be as it might the producers  Viacom 18 and Bhansali can breathe a sigh of relief and now release the film schedule without fear of a backlash.

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