Pakeezah Actress Abandoned By Son To Be Shifted To Old Age Home

The  shocking case  of the abandoned mother, languishing in hospital with unpaid bills after her son and daughter disappeared, has shaken the film industry’s conscience as the abandoned old woman has turned out to be a small-time actress Geeta Kapoor who worked in Kamal Amrohi’s Pakeezah and Razia Sultan.

Kamal Amrohi’s son Tajdar Amrohi confirms that this was indeed the same actress who worked Pakeezah and Razia Sultan.

How did her life come to this awful condition?

Filmmaker, censor board member and  Bollywood spokesperson Ashoke Pandit says Geeta Kapoor is not just the product of a callous film industry.  “This  problem of ill-treating and abandoning  old parents is endemic. We see it everywhere around us. When I heard about this woman’s son abandoning her in hospital  I didn’t even know she had a connection with the film industry.”

Ashoke went to meet the abused abandoned mother out of goodwill. “She was traumatized. She could barely speak as she was crying all the time. Her  son had not only starved her but also beaten her regularly.”

Geeta Kapoor’s plight shook the entire film industry.Help started pouring in from all quarters.Ashoke and producer  Ramesh Taurani have paid off all her hospital bills.

But where does the woman go now?

That too has been taken care of.

“We are putting her into an old age woman. There was a problem with that. An NOC is needed from the senior citizen’s family before she can be admitted into an old age home.  However we’ve managed to circumvent that rule with the help of a  senior cop. She can move into her new home as soon as she is ready. She will be much safer and happier,” says Ashoke, adding how shameful  it was to see a son desert his mother.

“I told Geetaji to stop crying. I am her son now. I will take care of her,” says Ashoke emotionally.

Adds veteran actress Asha Parekh, “It is shocking to hear that a woman can be treated so badly by her family. This is why I always insist actors need to invest wisely for old age.When we are young and busy we never think of the future.I’ve seen  many of my colleagues suffer for their shortsightedness.”


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