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Pakistani Chai Wala All Set For a Bollywood Debut

It is not  clear what the poor-rich tea seller from Pakistan intends to do with his newly-found fame.

Initially when fame suddenly struck Arshad Ali’s anonymous life he denied any Bollywood plans. He soon got himself a marketing team and a PR machinery to promote him as a model and an aspiring actor.

In a naïve and in some ways endearing volte face , Arshad who earlier said acting was not his…errr, cup of tea, now says he would love to do films.And he says he loves Shah Rukh Khan . The Bollywood star has acknowledged Arshad’s adoration in a tweet .

A prominent source from the Pakistan film industry says, “This Arshad thing is  blown out of all proportions. There are hundreds of blue-eyed boys from the Peshawar/Balochistan area who are as goodlooking. Arshad became  a symbol of poverty porn.The slumdog celebrity. One of 17 siblings with good looks and even better luck.We  hear after modeling he is already preparing himself for Bollywood . But he will have to wait until relations between the the two countries improve.”

In the meanwhile the Asian subcontinent second most famous chaiwalla can bask in his newly-found fame through internet and television interviews.


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