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Pari Banned In Pakistan, Producer Reacts



The latest film to be banned in Pakistan after Aiyaary a  few weeks ago, is the Anushka Sharma supernatural horror thriller Pari.

The Pakistan censor board has described Pari as  “anti-Islamic”.

Producer Prernaa Arora of KriArj Entertainment says she is “stumped” by the snub. “They(the Pakistan censor board) seem to be taking random decisions. How do we explain why they would think of Pari as anti-Islamic? Evil which the film portrays has no religion. We as a responsible production feel very strongly about causing offence to any community. Earlier our co-productionPadMan was banned in Pakistan for being anti-Islamic. Now Pari is also anti-Islamic. Can they please define anti-Islamic?I have no doubt Pakistan will find my next release Parmanu The Story  of Pokhran also anti-Islamic.”

Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran which is co-produced by KriArj Entertainment and John Abraham is about the nuclear test explosions conducted at Pokhran in  1998.

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