PM Modi Uses URI Dialogue In His Speech

 At  the inauguration of the film museum at the  NFDC on Saturday  Prime Minister Modi threw the catchphrase ‘How’s  Your Josh?’ from the film Uri on the enchanted and amused audience.

What better endorsement could  the  film have hoped  for?

 Says  the  stunned director Aditya Dhar,  “It’s one of the best validations any filmmaker can ever get!! The PM of the largest democracy in the world is a mouthing dialogue I have written!! Never had I thought while writing it that this line will become a national crazy. Everybody is saying it with lot of pride and patriotism in their heart!! I truly feel honoured!! I have only gratitude in my heart!!”

 The  line , ‘How’s  your josh?’ comes  from a  long-remembered  never-forgotten memory in the  director’s consciousness.

 Says  Aditya , “I remember an Army office using it when I was a kid!! Got stuck at the back of my mind. Remembered it after so many years also.”

  Uri  which opened on  11 January has acquired blockbuster  status  since release. The  film is expected  to  cross the 100-crore revenue mark this week.

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