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PM Narendra Modi To Facilitate Multiplicity of Multiplex



PM Modi who is expected to fly back into power during the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, has already placed the Hindi film industry on high priority. Among the PM’s topmost collaborative plans with the film industry is the building of a large number of additional multiplex theatres.

Producer Mahavir Jain who has been at the helm of the interactive endeavour between the Government and the Mumbai entertainment industry says there are plans to multiply the number of multiples theatres in India by at least three times.

“If you look at China, there are more multiplex theatres in the country than anywhere in the world. There is a Cineplex in almost every street with 8-9 audis and a seating capacity of anything between a 100 and 400 people.We need many many more theatres of different sizes, to accommodate the diversity of cinema being produced in India in multiple languages,” avers Jain.

Apparently the PM has assured Jain that the increase in the number of film theatres in India would be revolutionary.

“In a city like Patna there is just one multiplex theatre catering to a population of 20 lakhs. This is not only ridiculous but a huge slap for the Indian film industry which makes films in 8-9 languages regularly. We need an illimitable increase in the number of movie theatres specially in the smaller sectors. This will be PM Modi’s top concern for the entertainment industry if he returns to power.”

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