Poaching On Comedy Nights Get Dirtier, Colors To Sack Mika?


Singer Mika is not known for his convictions. The self-styled singer of aggressive songs once caught hold of RakhiSawant and smooched her zabardasti .While we rubbed our eyes in disbelief , Mika rubbed  his lips in relish.

And this same raucous singer had the gall to slap a man at a concert for misbehaving with a woman.

Obviously when it comes to a high moral ground Mika finds himself on a slippery wicket.

When one heard of Mika who serves as anchor and judge on Comedy Nights Live on Colors paying the rival show The Kapil Sharma Show a visit there was little to be shocked about.

This is a man who can do anything to be noticed.

Says the Comedy Nights Live host Krushna Abhishek, “I was shocked . Mika shouldn’t have gone on a rival show.I was not informed. Or else I’d have stopped him.”

We now hear Comedy Nights Live plans to sack Mika.I think that’s a great idea. Unlike Navjot Singh Sidhu Mika contributes nothing to Comedy Nights Live.He sits around grinning trying to laugh at the gags on stage. But the boredom is vivid on his face.

Do the show a favour. Get rid of those who seem to ratify our disinterest.

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