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Pooja Bhatt To Direct Alia Bhatt



While fans of the father-daughter jodi of director Mahesh Bhatt and actress Alia Bhatt would probably never get to see the duo working together , as Mahesh won’t break his no-direction vow even for his darling daughter, there is good news in another corner of the Bhatt family tree.

Mahesh Bhatt’s eldest born Pooja Bhatt is quietly planning to direct her kid-sister Alia in a film that promises to take the rapidly–rising Alia to another level of excellence.

Earlier there were reports  of Mahesh Bhatt directing Alia in a remake of Dil Hai Manta Nahin which had originally featured Pooja Bhatt. Both Mahesh and Alia rubbished those reports.

“I don’t think a film with my father will happen. He is sure he won’t direct again. But Pooja…yes, why not?” says Alia.

Well informed sources say Pooja’s film will be  a ground-breaking film  featuring Alia in a role she has never done before.

Says Pooja, “I do have something in mind for Alia. But it’s too early to talk about it right now.”

Pooja’s fondness for  her baby sister is  unconditional. “Alia is much smarter and far more worldly-wise than me. When Zakham was being telecast  I  got a message from an unknown number praising me and the film. It was only later that I came to know that was Alia texting from her maid’s number. So don’t let that baby-doll look fool you. There is a sharp mischievous mind at work there.”

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