Prakash Kovelamudi Appalled At Media’s Insensitivity Towards His Marital Breach

 On Thursday after Judgemental Hai Kya writer Kanika Dhillon and director Prakash Kovelamudi announced their separation  gracefully,  some  portals desperate for eyeballs, decided to club this separation with the  other  separation of actress Dia Mirza and  director Sahil Singha  by insinuating a relationship between  Kanika and Sangha.

 This is  worst  example  of speculative  journalism  one has  encountered  in recent times. Not only  does  it  demonstrate  an  utter disregard  for facts(Kanika hasn’t even met Dia  or  Sahil Sangha) it  also shows  the  complete absence of sensitivity at a time when two couples are  going through a rough time.

As Dia Mirza rightly said to me, “I wonder  if these people have a family and loved one’s  at home.”

Prakash Kovelamudi says, “It’s true that Kanika and I  had separated two years back and have continued to remain as good friends and also worked together. I’m appalled at the manner in which a section of the media is making up rumours about our separation. I wish they could be more responsible, in how they report news. I’m glad that you have messaged me for clarification.”.

When I asked why Prakash  and Kanika waited for two years to announce their separation Prakash said, “It’s a personal matter and I wouldn’t like to comment on this. The important thing is that we are now good friends and would continue to work together as we did earlier.”

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