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Prasoon Joshi Bans A Film



Shouts  of  freedom of expression notwithstanding,  the Central Board  Of Film Certification on  Thursday banned  a film ,the  first film to get the no-go certificate treatment from  the  CBFC after Prasoon Joshi took over as the chairperson.

The  film to get the ban treatment is  titled X Zone. Produced and  directed by one  Faisal Kapadi  X Zone  has, according to  CBFC sources, graphic scenes of  sex and nudity including , apparently, a  frontal nudity shot of actress Hrishita Bhatt who once was a warrior alongside Shah Rukh Khan in  Santosh Sivan’s Asoka.

Times change. Censor guidelines remain the same.

The  film has been unceremoniously banned  by the CBFC, thereby effectively quashing the myth that all films, regardless of content, will be passed and that  if you get an ‘A’ you can get away with anything.

“Not so,” says a source close to the CBFC, “sleaze won’t get passed .That won’t change.”


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