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Prasoon Joshi Changes Film Viewing Protocol At CBFC



If you are a producer with a film to be censored here is what has changed , and changed radically, at the Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC).

You will no longer be informed  about the censorboard members’ decision immediately after the viewing of the film.

The  protocol so far was  to let the producer informally know the Board’s decision immediately after a film is viewed, much like a patient who ‘s told about his test results   before the  formal medical reports are prepared , so he can sleep in peace.

It seems producers are in  for sleepless nights now, as  the new CBFC helmer Prasoon Joshi has  provided a  new brief to his board members: do not share your views after viewing of  films with producers .

In other words, we will let you know.

This new censor policy  raises some serious practical  problems  for producers.

Says a deeply concerned producer, “Earlier we were at least told of the problematic scenes, if any , so we could take care of them. Now we hear that we won’t be told anything So after the censor board  views a film we will be in the dark till the certificate is actually issued. In this way , precious time will be lost .Sometimes we have just 2-3 days  between censor viewing of a film and release of a film.This new oath of silence will create new delays for us.”

It seems the radical change from the norm about the censorboard’s decision to withhold  information on certification was taken after the confusion over the cuts in the new Hollywood horror film IT  where the censorboard first ordered as many cuts as 12, then restored all the cuts, then asked for 3 cuts and finally settled for 1 cut.

Transparency, say censor sources, is welcomed by  the new censor chief. But  not at the cost of credibility.

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