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Prasoon Joshi Won’t Attend The CBFC Office Every Day



The one mistake that Pahlaj Nihalani  made as the chairperson of the censor board which his successor refuses to make is  to  monitor the goings-on at the CBFC office too closely.

According to  sources in the know, Prasoon Joshi won’t be attending the CBFC office every day.

“Pahlajji never called in sick. He attended  the CBFC office every single day  from the day he took over the job. He even attended office on holidays to ensure certification happened on time. He  was more like the principal of a school than the CBFC chairperson. Prasoonji on the other hand, intends to be far more flexible  in his attitude to his work. He won’t attend office  every day, won’t breathe down the board members neck and won’t intervene in the certification  process unless absolutely essential,”says an informed source.

The  source also informs that the  CBFC chairperson  won’t upturn his predecessor’s decisions. “Prasoonjji won’t just take seemingly liberal decisions to prove how different he  is as compared with the his predecessor. The idea is not to impress with postures of liberalism  but to genuinely serve as  the chairperson of the CBFC and let the board members do their job of certification.”

When  contacted  Prasoon Joshi said, “It’s really too early for me to take policy decisions let alone speak about them. But yes, there are certain things that remain Paramount in my priorities as  a thinking rationale artiste. We’ve to protect vulnerable sections of our society such as children and the physically disabled. Any attempt to  denigrate  the vulnerable sections won’t be allowed  in our films.”

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