Pratyusha Bannerjee’s  Boyfriend Wins Big Against Actress Claiming To Be His Wife!

Accuses Bigg Boss Contestant ,And Several Others Of Defamation

The  late  tv actress Pratyusha Bannerjee’s  boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh  is  far from done. In what looks like an all-out effort to get even with all his opponents who ganged up against him to  prove he was responsible for Pratyusha’s suicide , Rahul Raj is all set to write a tell-all  book .

But before that the Mumbai High Court has  given Rahul Raj reason to rejoice in a verdict that exonerates him of charges of cheating and fraudulence slapped on  by an aspiring actress named Heer Patel.

Patel claimed that Rahul Raj had walked away with lakhs of her rupees promising to launch her as an actress in his production house.

But now after the High Court’s verdict  in his  favour (a copy of  the court’s order  is with this writer) Rahul Raj is all set to launch an all-out attack on not just Heer Patel  but all those who , claims Rahul Raj,conspired to bring him  down after Pratyusha’s alleged suicide.

Says Rahul Raj, “All of them including Kamya Punjabi and Vikas Gupta who is now in Bigg Boss met regularly at Heer Patel’s house after I  refused to give in to her advances. This woman even took Pratyusha’s parents into her home when they came to Mumbai after  their daughter’s death so that the parents could join  in  the campaign to prove I am guilty. It gives me great happiness to share with everyone that the honorable High Court has relieved me from the matter which was pending since the past one  year regarding the false case filed by Heer Patel.”

So who is  this Heer Patel?

Over to the livid Rahul Raj, “She is a struggler and a aspiring actress who wanted me to launch her. She had a one-sided infatuation for me.When I  refused to  give in to her designs she turned vengeful.In 2010 she hired four men to kidnap me. They put me in the dickey of my own car and took me away. But they were caught and they confessed to the crime.Heer Patel a divorcee with a child was trying to marry me under many false pretexts including claiming to be unmarried.When I discovered her game of lies,she turned against me.Pratyusha’s parents filed the case after getting instigated by her as they were staying at Heer’s house.”

It’s not just Heer Patel but others who Rahul Raj claims  to have conspired for his downfall. “Another good-for-nothing strugglerVarsha Bhagwani who made a lot of noise against me was also provoked by Ms.Heer Patel.Incidentally Varsha was also the con-woman behind the false Mrunal Jain rape case controversy.She then had to eat humble pie by writing an apology letter addressed toVersova police station.Heer Patel,Varsha and company had formed a gang against me to malign my character and assassinate my reputation and hard-earned goodwill.What is heartbreaking is the blatant misuse of media by these women.But I am thankful to God that after a special hearing of one and a half hours in court,the Honorable Judge of High Court deemed the matter baseless.Today I am relieved of all three matters including the fraud,molestation and suicide.”

Rahul Raj now intends to take legal action against Bigg Boss contestant Vikas Gupta who Raj claims has  a sexual harassment charge  against him. “How can  Vikas Gupta be on  the show when he has  a molestation  charge against him? He settled  the matter out of court with the defendant. What is his claim  to fame except the press conference after Pratyusha’s  death where he asked many questions about my innocence  in   the matter.Now it is my time to ask the questions.Vikas Gupta will have to answer me and  throw  light on the matter of my fictitious 11-year old child which he claims I have.And Kamya Punjabi who has stooped to the level of calling me a murderer will also have to do some serious answering.”

It is  payback time for Rahul. “Most people in this matter have used the media in a wrong manner to falsely implicate me,but now it is high time everyone woke up and smelt the coffee.”

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