Priyanka Chopra Flies To Goa With Nick Jonas

If a very close friend of Priyanka Chopra is to be believed, Priyanka and her current boyfriend American musician-actor Nick Jonas who have flown to Goa for a vacation, are ready for serious professional collaborations.

“They are very very compatible , and close. Nick finds Priyanka very exciting as an artiste as well as a humanbeing. They are definitely looking at working together. probably on a musical project for starters,” says the source.

Priyanka and Nick Jonas are at the moment in Goa . According to sources, they intend to visit Agra and Delhi for quick visits before Nick Jonas flies out of India.

Just how successful the long-distance relationship would turn out to be, only time will tell. Cleverly, Priyanka and Jonas have decided to combine the business of pleasure with the pleasure of business thereby ensuring a constant travel and access to one another.

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