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Priyanka Chopra Upstages Deepika In Cannes?



 Whether we choose to  sweep it under the  red carpet  or  not, the  Priyanka Chopra-Deepika Padukone rivalry is a resonant reality, and it just got  bigger at  the Cannes  film festival where Deepika with her multiple costume changes   clearly  stole the  thunder.At least for a while.

However  Priyanka, not one to  be  upstaged  easily, saved  the  best for the last, Just when  all eyes were  on  Deepika’s  flamboyant sartorial  exrtravangance  Chopra dropped her husband  Nick Jonas on the Cannes media.

A source from Cannes  says the  ‘husband’ factor worked in  Priyanka’s favour.

“She  clearly knows how to get attention. The minute Mr Jonas joined her, Priyanka’s equity at Cannes  shot up skyhigh,” says the source.

Deepika  on  the  other hand  had  left her husband Ranveer  behind in  Mumbai.

“Not that  it would have amounted to an advancement  in  Deepika’s  visibility and  attention. You  must understand that  both Priyanka and Nick are  international  celebrities. Together they make a formidable  brand wherever they go. They made full  use of the Cannes  platform to  ensure they were  noticed,” says  the source.

Deepika, on the other hand, happily returned to Mumbai to join  her  husband. We can expect Ranveer Singh  to be  by her side at Cannes  next year when Deepika’s Chhapaak is  likely to make  a splash.

 Try  beating that one, Priyanka

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