Race 3 Holds​ Ocean’s 8​ To Ransom​

Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett and Rihanna together can’t whip up enough of an anticipated frenzy at the boxoffice to fob off competition from Salman Khan.

​Or so the makers of Race 3 thought when they decided to block shows and screens for the second week in anticipation of a crowded Week 2.

Now the footfalls for Race 3 have dropped considerably. But the show bookings for Week 2 stand as per the agreement

Says a spokesperson from a multiples chain, “We were given the option to either agree to a sustained number of shows in the second week or forego the privilege of releasing Race 3.”
Race 3 which was released last Friday

​now ​stands a major hurdle to the release of this week’s two massive Hollywood franchises The Incredibles 2 and Ocean’s 8. While the first film carries on the story of the ‘Incredible’ family of super-heroes, and it even has a Hindi version with Kajol voicing Elastic Woman, Ocean’s 8 is an all-female take on the the blockbuster Ocean’s 11 released in 2011.
Both the The Incredibles 2 and Ocean’s 8 are struggling to find ample theatres and screens this Friday.

Says a spokesperson from leading multiplex chain, “Although there has been a fall in the footfalls for Race 3 post the weekend of its release

​and ​the audiences are ​not ​flocking to see their ‘Bhai’(Salman) after Eid is over​ we’ve no option but to continue screening Race 3 as per contractual obligation,​Ocean’s 8 and the Incredibles are big brand names in Hollywood. But they can’t stand up to the force of Salman Khan’s stardom.Only Raj Kumar Hirani’s Sanju on June 29 can ​oust ​ Race 3 from occupying ​optimum screens​.”

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