Radhika Apte Goes Viral Again


Adil Hussain Wonders Why It Is ‘Her’ Love Making Scene While Director Leena Yadav Dissociates Herself From The Publicity

It has happened repeatedly with her in the past. It has happened again now. Footage showing Radhika Apte’s bare-torsoed  and making love with Adil Hussain in Leena Yadav’s Parched  has been ‘leaked’ .

Adil Hussain who is seen making love to Radhika Apte (it takes two to do) in the ‘leaked’ footage wonders why it is being talked about as Radhika’s leaked footage.

“The patriarchal mindset named the video Radhika Apte’s sex video and not Adil Hussain’s sex video,right?” asksAdil, and he has a point.

The question that a lot of folks in the film industry are secretly asking is , how do so many of Radhika’s erotic scenes from different films get ‘leaked’ online??!!

A year ago her front nude shot from Anurag Kashyap’s short film had gone viral.And before that there were pictures , allegedly showing her nude in a bathroom.

Says a leading filmmaker, “It is a little strange  that this happens to one particular actress repeatedly.Radhika Aptehas become like the new-age Rehana Sultan, that other powerhouse actress who got stamped as bold and daring way ahead of her times. In the 1970s Rehana shocked us with her lack of physical inhibition. During Rehana’s time there was no  internet or online leakages. Otherwise I am sure her shockingly bold erotic shots in Chetna, Dastak , Man Tera Tan Mera would have got leaked.”


Parched director Leena Yadav says her film won’t entertain any controversy regarding the leaked footage.  “I think my actor Adil Hussain has given a sufficient response to the leakage controversy. We are not supporting any publicity based on that footage as our film is much beyond it.”

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